What we do

Agile is our methodology and these some of the main tools we use to develope our solutions. Microservices using contract first design, MVPs, SPAs, code good practises, refactoring, pair programming

Java / Kotlin

Ruling the enterprise world, Java is the most spread language ever used. And if you like it new and shiny, Kotlin is the new kid on the block of JVM platform.


How awesome would be using the same language in frontend & backend? Node.js is a fast & reliable platform with a huge community backing it.


Amazingly fast and cross platform applications. You want a fast REST service, handling thousands of request per second? Golang is the way to go.


Big web applications with complex flows? Care about SEO but also want the responsiveness of SPAs? Angular 2 offers the best of these worlds.

We ♥️ Technology

Hard work and fun applied to get the best result for our clients.